Buchanan Dam, TX

Land Pro Excavation puts endless efforts to ensure top-notch excavation services in Buchanan Dam, TX, and its vicinity. We are dedicated to providing remarkable craftsmanship and exemplary customer service.

About Us

Land Pro Excavation is operated by its founder, Brad, who has valuable industry knowledge. We use cutting-edge equipment and methods to make sure your project is finished with superior quality. We collaborate closely with every customer to make sure that their project is accomplished rapidly and economically.

Our Services

At Land Pro Excavation, we provide different excavation services to clients in and near Buchanan Dam, TX. We try to give superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service for every project we take on.

Our land management services include land clearing, road building, pond building, tank building, irrigation, and drainage. We have the necessary skills and tools if a new project needs excavation of land or a pond or tank needs to be built.

Our land management services involve the careful planning and execution of various tasks to improve and manage the land. We provide land clearing services to remove trees, bushes, and other things that can be an obstruction to any construction on the land. In addition, we are capable of constructing new roads or repairing old pathways for better access and efficacy for users. We have the expertise to construct ponds and pools for agricultural, recreational, or other reasons. We also provide irrigation and drainage solutions to guarantee successful water control of the property.

Our site prep and construction services can help in preparing the land for development or different uses. We provide site prep service to guarantee that the land is leveled, solid, and clear of obstructions before work starts. Our foundation/pad prep services consist of excavating and getting ready the land for the base or another construction. We also offer grading services to make sure that the land is even and properly tilted for drainage. Furthermore, we offer utility trenching services to establish underground utilities including water, gas, and electrical cables.

We offer a broad selection of site preparation and construction services, such as site prep, foundation/pad preparation, grading, and utility trenching. We collaborate closely with each customer to make sure their project is finished on time and without exceeding budget. Our cutting-edge tools and techniques make sure your project is completed with excellent quality.

We provide demolition services to demolish barns, homes, garages, and other buildings. We follow strict rules and utilize the most advanced tools to ensure the demolition is done safely and quickly. We also include the removal of debris and cleaning of the area following demolition.

We are trained to follow all safety measures and utilize the latest technology for the safe and timely demolition of barns, houses, garages, and other buildings.

At Land Pro Excavation, we are devoted to offering premium excavation services in Buchanan Dam, TX, and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today for more details about our offerings and how we can aid you with your upcoming excavation venture.

Why Choose Us?

Below are some of the reasons why Land Pro Excavation is a good choice for your excavation venture:


As excavation experts, we have received a long list of accomplishments in this field. We have taken on assignments of all sizes. Whatever the assignment might be, we have the capability and understanding to carry it out successfully.

Quality workmanship

We are thorough in each project we undertake, utilizing modern equipment and techniques to guarantee that your project meets expectations.

Competitive Price

We recognize the value of providing premium services at an economical cost. We collaborate with each customer to construct a tailored plan that suits their expectations and budget.

Outstanding Customer Support

We esteem our customers and are dedicated to giving remarkable customer service. We cooperate closely with each customer to figure out their necessities. We also guarantee that their project is finished to their desire.

Extensive Services

We provide various excavation services, such as land management, site preparation, and demolition. This enables us to manage all parts of your task and make sure it is finished promptly and within your budget.

Land Pro Excavation is dedicated to delivering excellent excavation services to our clients near Buchanan Dam, TX, and its adjacent areas. Reach out to us now for more information about our offerings and how we can contribute to your upcoming excavation project.