Burnet, TX

Land Pro Excavation is committed to providing top-notch excavation services to customers in and around Burnet, TX. We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our residential and business clientele with reliable excavation services. Our services span from land management, site prep and construction, and demolition.

About Us

Land Pro Excavation has the proficiency and skills to tackle different excavation projects. We are committed to delivering our clients in Burnet, TX with the finest service available. We collaborate with each of our clients to guarantee their project is completed punctually and within their budget.

Our Services

Land Management Services

Our land management services assist customers to manage their land for a variety of purposes. We provide the following services:

We offer land clearance services that involve eliminating trees, bushes, and any other plants to prep the area for building or other purposes. We use the latest tools and techniques to have a minimal environmental effect.

We offer road construction services. We can build new roads or repair existing ones. We shall collaborate with you to figure out the best plan and services that meet your requirements and budget.

Our pond construction service includes excavating a hole in the land and constructing a dam to contain water. We can construct ponds for numerous purposes like irrigation, swimming, and aesthetic look.
We provide drainage services to manage water runoff and prevent erosion. We can build multiple draining systems, like French drains, swales, and basins for storage.

Site prep & construction services

We provide site preparation and building services to help our customers in preparing their properties for construction projects. These services encompass:

Our site preparation includes clearing and leveling the land to make it ready for building. We can get rid of trees and plants, even out the surface, and create a reliable base for your construction project.

We provide ground preparation services to ready the area for pouring cement. This involves excavation, building a draining system, and adjusting the land for a strong and dependable foundation.

Our grading process utilizes specialized equipment for shaping the land to create a level surface for parking lots, structures, or other purposes. We use specialized equipment to ensure accurate grading and a smooth finish.

We specialize in digging utility trenches that include underground utilities like plumbing, sewage, or electric lines while keeping the ecosystem protected with cutting-edge machinery.

Demolition Services

We provide demolition solutions to help our customers demolish undesired constructions from their land. Our demolition service focuses on safety and precaution.

We utilize a reliable process of removing buildings such as barns, houses, and garages to make room for either new construction or the removal of hazardous materials.

At Land Pro Excavation, we have the expertise after staying involved for many years in this sector. We have established a name for ourselves as a reliable provider of excellent excavation services in Burnet, TX, and in its surrounding areas. With our impressive customer service and top-notch craftsmanship, we hope to help residential or commercial clients.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to excavation services, there are many options to choose from. Here are a few reasons for selecting Land Pro Excavation:

Experienced Professionals

We have many years of experience. We are well-versed in all types of business, having completed many excavation projects. We are equipped with both the talent and the skills to take on any project, regardless of its size.

Quality workmanship

We pledge to provide the required labor in every project that we take on. We only use modern tools and methods to make sure that your goal is reached with superior results.

Competitive Pricing

At Land Pro Excavation, we try to offer excellent services while keeping prices low. We take the time to personalize a solution that fits within a customer’s budget and fulfills their needs.

Top-notch Customer Support

We prioritize our customers and are devoted to delivering top-notch service. We collaborate with each customer to comprehend their needs. We also guarantee that their project is completed to their expectations.

Wide Range of Services

We can provide a wide range of excavating operations, including land management, site prep, and construction, and demolition. We can manage every phase of your job and guarantee on-time and cost-effective execution.

At Land Pro Excavation, we take pride in providing exceptional excavation service that fulfills the requirements of our customers. Connect with us today for further information on our services and how we can support your next excavation venture in Burnet, TX.