Marble Falls, TX

Welcome to Land Pro Excavation. We are a premier excavation and land-clearing service provider in Marble Falls, TX. We make it our goal to provide the highest quality services to our customers in Marble Falls, TX and we take pride in our first-class customer service.

About Us

Land Pro Excavation is a locally-owned and operated company. We have been supplying the Marble Falls area with our services for a long period. The owner, Brad, is originally from Hill Country. He has long-time experience in this sector. He first began to work at the age of eight. By focusing carefully on the specifics, keeping in close contact with customers, and exceeding expectations, we have rapidly emerged as a leading excavation and land-clearing company based in Marble Falls.

Our Services

LandPro Excavation is your reliable source for outstanding excavation and land management services in Marble Falls, TX. Our selections of services are designed to help you optimize the potential of your property, such as:

Land Management Services

Our land management services can assist you in preparing your land for building. We help in eradicating undesirable bushes and plants. We make use of state-of-the-art tools to guarantee that the task is completed quickly and with minimal impact on the earth.

Our road-building services can assist you in forming a road on your land or repairing existing roadways. We are capable of constructing new roads to make sure that your land is readily accessible.

We can assist you by constructing new ponds or tanks on your property. With our knowledge and machinery, we can build exceptional ponds and tanks that will last for a long time.

It is essential for your property to have efficient drainage. We can help you set up efficient drainage systems to make sure your property stays dry and safe.

Site prep & construction services

Our site preparation services include clearing the land, removing debris, and preparing the site for construction. We have the required practical knowledge and efficiency to ensure that your site is prepped adequately and rapidly.

We can excavate and grade the land to guarantee that the base for your foundation or pad is set up on a firm and reliable.

We can help you in assessing the level and stability of your land. We are readily available to make your land suitable for further use or construction by grading it.

We offer top-notch utility trenching solutions for the installation of your water, gas, and electrical lines. Our modern equipment ensures that the job is done quickly and securely.


We can assist in the secure and productive destruction of barns and other constructions on your land.

We are experienced and have the necessary tools to competently demolish houses and other residential buildings in a secure and effective manner.

Our garage demolition services can assist in eliminating unwanted structures on your property allowing space for fresh construction or other purposes.

At LandPro Excavation, we promise outstanding customer service to our Marble Falls, TX clients. Reach out now to discover more details about our services or schedule a meeting.

Why Choose Us?

Below are some of the numerous reasons to choose LandPro Excavation as the ideal choice for your upcoming projects in Marble Falls.


We have years of experience in excavation and ground clearing. We are known for providing outstanding output that is both punctual and cost-efficient.

Customer service

At LandPro Excavation, we prioritize communication with our customers. We strive to understand your individual requirements. Afterward, we offer services that satisfy or go beyond what you can expect.

Quality workmanship

We take pride in our labor. We are determined to provide an exemplary result for every project we take over. We utilize the newest technology and tools. It ensures that our work will be satisfactory.

Local Business

We provide relevant services in Marble Falls and take pleasure in providing customized solutions. We understand the unique needs of our customers from Marble Falls. Hence, we guarantee to provide superior excellence services that fulfill those needs.

Competitive Pricing

LandPro Excavation firmly believes everyone should have access to quality services at cost-effective rates. As such, we assure competitive prices for all our services are maintained without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.

At LandPro Excavation, we strive to offer top-notch excavation and land-clearing services to our patrons in Marble Falls. Reach out to us today to hear more about what we provide or to arrange a meeting.